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For anyone struggling with weight problems, Adipex could help to drop those hard to lose pounds. Adipex is intended as a short-term (around a month) medication, to be used in conjunction with other weight reduction methods, such as a healthy diet and exercise regimen. For obese patients, Adipex (phentermine) is a stimulant that works similar to an amphetamine. It affects the central nervous system, resulting in a suppressed appetite. As with all medications the patient should discuss the pros and cons with their doctor.

When considering Phentermine, make sure to inform the doctor of any existing medical conditions. People with a history of heart disease, severe high blood pressure, glaucoma or a history of pulmonary hypertension should not take the drug. Those that have had a history of drug addiction or alcoholism should also avoid taking Adipex, as it can be habit forming. If a patient is pregnant or breast feeding the drug should not be taken. Also,it is not intended for use by patients under the age of 17. If the patient’s doctor believes that Adipex is safe and will be effective, he will write a prescription for the drug. The usual dose for an adult is one capsule or tablet (37.5mg), to be taken daily. The dosage could be individualized depending on the patient’s needs. The desired results should try to be obtained with the lowest possible dose. For example, some patients may only require a half tablet (18.75) dose daily.

What ever regiment the doctor prescribes, it should be followed as instructed. If the medication does not seem to be working, do not take extra doses. This could be life threatening. Inform the prescribing doctor if this happens. Along with appetite suppression, the drug can cause excess energy. For this reason, do not take a dose after 6p.m., as this could lead to sleeping problems. Consult the doctor before stopping the use of Adipex, as some withdrawal symptoms are possible. Adipex can be a very helpful drug in helping people struggling with weight issues. Just use caution and follow the doctor’s instructions for the best possible results.